The Land Conservancy Board of Directors is delighted to announce two acquisitions, both on the Salmon River.

The Lee Nature Reserve is a 12.5 hectare (31 acre) triangle of land on the west side of the Salmon River near Tamworth and adjacent to the Mellon Lake Conservation Reserve. It has 914 metres of shoreline on the river. The land is characterized by granite cliffs rising in successive ridges away from the river, and features several habitats, including rocky barren outcrops, deciduous woods, and riverine wetland. To date, 198 species have been observed on the property, including the five-lined skink, a species of concern. The Lee Nature Reserve qualified as an EcoGift under Environment Canada’s program.

The Merriam conservation easement restricts any new development on 14 hectares (35 acres) of the property, and permits changes only within the 0.5 hectares where the owners have a home and outbuildings. The property has 990 metres of shoreline on the Salmon River, buffering riverine marsh. The Merriam property is habitat for about 600 species including eight species at risk. It qualifies as an EcoGift.

The Ontario Land Trust Assistance Program provided $6,730.43 to cover the acquisition costs for both properties — appraisals and legal disbursements. Kingston lawyer Susan Elliott contributed free legal services and many volunteers worked on compiling species lists for the properties and preparing the EcoGift application. This has been an important collective effort that means almost two kilometres of Salmon River shoreline will now be preserved in its wild state.